2020 F1 Esports Champion, Jarno Opmeer skools Super GT and FNG in F1 2020 prank.

2020 F1 Esports Champion, Jarno Opmeer skools Super GT and FNG in F1 2020 prank.

Anyone who watches Quadrant knows that RiaBish is far from becoming pro in F1 2020, so she called on Jarno Opmeer to take the wheel.

So in the most recent Quadrant Youtube video, Ria teamed up with the World Champion of F1 Esports, Jarno Opmeer to prank Super GT (Steve) and FNG (Niran). Jarno was undercover in the Team Quadrant Discord and the F1 Lobby as the Quadrant Social Media admin so that he could listen in to Super GT and FNG’s reactions!

Ria drove for the first two races creating a false sense of security. But the final three Jarno stepped up to claim yet another championship title. Halfway through the sesh, Jarno and Ria swapped names on Steam to bamboozle Steve and Niran.

The first race was probably the worst F1 start in Quadrant history where both Aarav and Ria jumped the start, and Steve was still busy in the settings menu. Ria then swerved off into the gravel due to lagging. This prank really couldn’t start any better!

Steve was getting a little too big for his boots calling himself the ‘Goat of Racing Games’, if only he knew that the real goat, Jarno was coming for him in the third round.

The Canada track blessed us with some biblical scenes, as Ria gave Niran the scare of his life by sending it, ignoring the corner and hitting the wall right in front of him, blaming it on the PS5 gamepad vibrations. 

Little did Steve and Niran know that this was all a ruse to cover up Jarno’s covert swap with Ria as her ‘Wheel set-up’ was actually to get Jarno into the Lobby. However, Niran got a little suspicious as he noticed that Mickey (the Social Media Admin for Quadrant) was above Ria in the F1 Lobby and Ria was now suddenly spectating. But Aarav played it off as the lobby glitching with his elite acting skills, throwing Niran off the scent - get that boi an Oscar!

For the third round, the team was racing on the Spa track, where Steve joked that Ria had been practising on her main account under the tag - Jarno Opmeer. And then Steve assumed that Ria can’t be this good and that her brother must be driving, oh Steve if only you knew. 

Ria decided to add a ✨little spice✨ to the last round and called for a forfeit. The forfeit was that if Ria and Araav won then, Steve and Niran have to send out Tweets in public admiration for the other team’s skills in F1 2020. 

Jarno whooped everyone's butts on the Monaco track, as he pulled out a full 18 seconds ahead of the former “Goat of Racing Games” Steve. The team then joked that Jarno was in Ria’s house and her new skills weren’t due to a new wheel.

Steve wasn’t having it and even went “Oi Jarno, Jarno can you hear me?” and much to his shock, Jarno replied. You can still see Steve processing the new information as he ‘sent himself to the shadow realm’. 

The whole team was a massive fan of the prank, and we hope that you enjoyed it just as much as we did! If you did in fact like that video, you should also check out Quadrant’s last collab’  with Vikkstar123 from the notorious Sidemen where he teamed up to help Warzone noob Niran, grab a win during his first time playing. Not gonna lie, Niran 100% carried Lando, Ria and Vikkstar the whole time...

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