A Closer Look at Lando’s Quadrant Bahrain GP Helmet

A Closer Look at Lando’s Quadrant Bahrain GP Helmet

Okay, this helmet slaps but Ria’s design was something else...

Two weekends ago all 12,000 of us joined Lando and the team on Twitch to design a Quadrant helmet for the Bahrain GP this weekend just gone! 

We love the final design for Lando’s Bahrain GP helmet; it certainly will be turned heads on the track! Rumour has it that the design is so biblical, it’s as if the F1 gods themselves blessed it. 

Let’s not forget to mention that the helmet has also made Twitch history by becoming the first-ever F1 helmet to be designed live on Twitch and it certainly won’t be the last!

Seemingly Bahrain is the first place that Lando had ever scored points in his F1 racing career, as he finished in 6th place for McLaren in 2019. It seemed fitting to create a design worthy of such a momentous race!

In an interview before the weekend, Lando stated that he was going to “give it everything” to reach P3 in Bahrain! Thankfully, after a slightly shaky qualifier, Lando managed to bring it home on race day as he finished in P4 (after starting P9). With team mate Carlos Sainz coming in fifth the two have managed to push McLaren into third place for the constructors championship! We’re so proud that Lando managed to beat his 2019 Bahrain finish and we think that his dope helmet certainly helped him make an amazing comeback - but then again we are quite biased!

If you missed out on last weekend's Twitch  there is no need to stress; we’re going to cover all of the important stuff on here for you to read. 

Over on Twitch, we watched the team (with the help of our subscribers) each design their version of what they think Lando’s next helmet should look like - of course, the bois flexed their photoshop muscles while Ria took a more Microsoft Paint approach to her creative process. No matter the approach, these designs were all incredible and lord knows they deserve some recognition! 

To start with we have Ria’s Van Gogh-esque masterpiece with a nod to the golden age of MS Paint. Now, this design is a beauty, and we may have to revisit it in the future. But for now Ria, it’s probably best you stick to your day job with Quadrant and keep streaming! 



Now nothing is more cursed than a bald Lando Norris, and so this helmet gives us nightmares. Steve may think that this helmet is SICK AF, we think maybe it’s best this didn’t make it to the final cut. 



Up next is Aarav’s helmet which seems to take some inspiration from the legendary Bob Ross, with beautiful trees and blue skies. This helmet is making us feel super relaxed; in fact, we’re so relaxed we can almost hear the slapping of a paintbrush. 



And lastly our very own ‘No trim Yesufu’ aka Niran designed a collage in homage to Lando’s fellow British F1 driver for Williams, George Russell. This isn’t Lando’s helmet innit xo, but we do love the suggested sponsors.

And there you have it, the whole process of how we ended up with Lando’s coolest helmet to date and we certainly weren’t disappointed with how sick it looked last weekend. And now with just two vital races of the 2020 F1 season left we cannot wait to see what Lando manages to pulls out the bag!

If you like this helmet - be sure to check out the 1:2 scale version we are selling! You can buy yours here, on quadrant.gg! Stock is limited, so do not wait. 

Be sure to check out our socials to keep up to date with all news, fresh content and future Twitch Stream dates. You can also find Ria, Aarav, Niran, Steve and Lando’s social links in our bio so that you can be in the know of all things Quadrant. 


  • Ahmed N

    You have entertained us with your stunning helmets all year, and as a half scale collector filled my cabinet too!
    To those about to game with Lando, we salute you


    Just pre-ordered the signed mini-helmet! So excited to get it. Honestly, Team Quadrant has helped entertain me during this crazy pandemic. Looking forward to more! Cheers guys!

  • Sofia

    anxiously waiting for the lando to wear the helmet that the ria designed lol

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