What’s up guys, I'm Keegan Palmer, I'm 21 and I'm from the Gold Coast, Australia! 

How are you feeling about qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics?

I mean personally guys, I am beyond happy to be having the opportunity to even qualify again. I’m just excited for it! I do have a little bit of nerves that have been flowing, just because of last time (secured gold in 2020 Tokyo Olympics). But yeah, I'm stoked and super excited for it!

What's your week been like getting ready for the first Olympic qualifying event of 2024?

My week has just consisted of a lot of working out, trying to eat good food. We’ve had a few days of practice and yeah, just staying on top of my health and just making sure my body is good.

Is there anything you have changed in terms of training or diet in the countdown to qualifying? If so, what?

My biggest thing is that I'm starting to work out, eat healthier and be stronger just because of a few injuries I've had over the past year and a half due to not keeping my body healthy and intact, so that is definitely the main thing that I've changed.

What is your favourite thing about Shanghai? Have you seen anything crazy while you’ve been here?

Definitely the markets that sell all the fake Gucci bags, fake Louis Vuitton, fake Dior. Ahh it’s so fun. You can go in there and just bargain with them and it’s just an absolute blast. 

What are your predictions for your qualifying in Shanghai?

I think I have a good run plan and some really good ideas. Although I don't want to leave it up to the judges, it is in the judges hands, and it’s up to them whether they like it or not. 


If you had to listen to music while you competed, what would be your go-to song?

I think it would be Glockoma 2 by Key Glock. It’s a great hype song to get you fired up to go skate and stuff like that. 

What is the most unusual place you have ever practised skateboarding? 

I don’t have too many unusual places to practise because I'm just surrounded by skateparks in public areas so they’re not too crazy. However if i’m not practising, i’ve snuck into a few backyard empty pools to film videos and things like that for like YouTube. I would say they are the craziest places I've skated.

Out of all the other QUADRANT athletes, who do you think would be a good skateboarder?

Well, first of all, I've seen Lando and Max both on a skateboard. Lando, I don’t know, I'm going to have to say not him sadly. But, in the QUADRANT Athlete's video we filmed in Australia, which is out now, I think Max would be the best just because I've seen him on a board and I've seen how he rolls. He has the confidence and great balance so I'd say Max. I also think that Lotte would be sick on the skateboard. 

If you could design your own skatepark for the Olympics, what features would you have?

I was actually one of the head people that helped design the biggest skatepark in the middle east where we have a few of our qualifying events at, and I think that skatepark has my favourite things from around the world. I really like the square corner which is a really tight corner, big transition which means very deep and cut up into the ground. So I would say some of that kind of stuff.

If you get a good result in Shanghai, how are you going to celebrate?

Well, I mean, the PG answer is I have a flight the next day so I got to keep it super sensible. The rated R answer is going out partying and having a good drink with all your friends because you did a good job and it’s time to celebrate ahahah. 

If there was anywhere in the world that you could skate, where would it be? 

I mean, one of my favourite places to skate is Copenhagen, it’s just fun, it’s nice and I just love the area. Other than that, I really enjoy Brazil, it’s definitely one of my favourite places to skate.


Keegan qualified in second place and onto the next round... qualifiers in Budapest on the 20th of June, be sure to keep an eye out on our Instagram stories!

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