Fifakills the Competition!

Fifakills the Competition!

First, they championed in the The Moonryde Invitational, then dominated the World Series of Warzone tournament and took home the win in the Swag Summer Invitational; are they ready for deployment at the LGUltraGearUK Challenge #2 come August 31st?!

August has been a busy month for Fifakill. Not only has he - unfortunately - had to battle Covid-19, but he also has had an incredible winning streak in a stream of Warzone tournaments playing for Team Jukeyz with his comrades Li (Jukeyz) and LG WarsZ (and Xamzah for Moonryde). For anyone wondering, Ethan is feeling much better and is back in good health!

Earlier this month, Ethan and his epic squad caused chaos in the Moonryde Invitational hosted by Fnatic. Together they beat 36 other teams to cement themselves as some of the finest Call of Duty players Europe has to offer!

Swag Summer Invitational

Then Fifakill, Jukeyz and ItsWarsZ united under Warzone Team Captain, Recrent to win the World Series of Warzone trios tournament. The boys played the best players in all of Europe - winning the championship title and technically becoming best in the world!

More recently, Team Jukeyz battled 41 other trios in the Swag Summer Invitational; heading into the final round, it looked pretty close as all four teams had cleared the 70 point mark. But our boy Feefa and his squadron dominated the rankings, pushing for a 17 point lead between them and second place, consequently taking first place with a naughty 105 points. And making them the best in the world...again!

On top of that, Ethan reportedly has a painful back after carrying his three Quadrant OGs, Ria, Niran and Araava, in a Warzone sesh, which you can catch on YouTube! Although Ria was pretty insane….maybe she and Ethan should team up for his next Warzone Duo Tournament ;)

Just recently, Fifakill has been named number 2 of the top 5 Warzone earners this year in 2021 (the highest earner in August), and the year isn't even over....SHEEEEESH!

But it’s not over for Fifakill and Team Jukeyz as they have the LGUltraGearUK Challenge #2 on August 31st.

And then Fifakill is making another dash for the World Series of Warzone champion title but this time as a duo on the 14th September!

You can catch Fifakills POV of the match on his Twitch Channel - we’ll see you there!

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