Founder keys to rule them all, 50 more to join the exclusive Quadrant discord.

Founder keys to rule them all, 50 more to join the exclusive Quadrant discord.

These biblical keys are a rarity, and the next fifty are hidden in this article! 

Last week we announced on social media that Quadrant is launching it’s very own discord server so that you guys will have direct links to the team while gaining many exciting opportunities that are exclusive to the server members only. 

Only 100 founder keys were dropped that night, all four of the team having one golden link containing just 25 invites. 

But what’s so good about the Quadrant discord we hear you ask, and why is it so limited?

All good things come in small sizes, and what we have planned in the future requires the server to be made up of a small selection of fans. The discord will rely heavily on you guys, as we build it up for exciting opportunities each being bigger and better than the last.

The Quadrant discord will need you guys for things like:

Community X Team Content: The people who have access to the Quadrant discord will get the opportunity to get involved in future videos for YouTube and social media. The server will act as a hub, giving you a direct line to Lando, Aarav, Steve, Ria and Niran

Decision Makers: Discord members will have the power to help us decide what channels will be created within the server. We have already forged the foundations for you guys to build on, but we have created a suggestions channel for you to spam everything and anything you would like to see Quadrant do in the future..

Quadrant Culture: Starting with the server, we will need you guys to create a unique Team Quadrant community, spirit and culture which will then spread across all of our social platforms. Later on, some of you will also gain the biblical powers of moderator for the server and other Quadrant platforms.

We hope you now understand the reasons behind the exclusivity of the founder keys’, and if you want to get in on this, then here are the next FIFTY 🔑’S  available! BE QUICK though; these are just as rare as a pair of Lando’s Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Volt”.

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