In October 2023, QUADRANT announced the latest collaboration with Halo. Releasing two Limited Edition tees ahead of the Europa Halo event in Blackpool. 

QUADRANT joined the Halo Infinite community shortly after the launch of the title in 2021. Halo has a long standing legacy in gaming and esports, making it the perfect match for us to flex our muscles in the competitive team-based esports world.

As we come to the end of 2023, we celebrate the second year of the Halo Championship Series. QUADRANT was invited to join the HCS partnership programme, joining the likes of Faze, Optic and Cloud9. This partnership includes an apparel collaboration that reflects QUADRANT’S love for the series, released at the Halo World Championship in October 2023 in Seattle. The apparel drop included a photoshoot collaboration with The Vamps star, Connor Ball. Our creators, Ethan, Aarav and Max also popped in for a piece of the action!

From here, Quadrant has been flying the flag for the European Halo scene, breaking records in international placements by a European team. Hosting events both online and in person. Most recently, aiding in the execution of the Europa Halo Blackpool event, where the team was also able to take 1st place in a nail biting series against Navi.

The people behind the successful team consist of, 4 players, and a coach. Including Norwen ‘SLG’ Le Galloudec who has been playing Halo professionally since 2017.  

The new apparel collaboration which coincided with the Halo World Championship, included two well curated, vintage graphic tees that stand out and appeal to not only Halo fans but also to a much larger mainstream apparel audience. Amplifying our success as a leader of culture led apparel.

The new apparel pieces consist of streetwear inspired art, influenced by Lando’s style and taste as QUADRANT is ‘growing up’ alongside him.

Level up your T-shirt collection with the new QUADRANT X HALO Tees at quadrant.gg. Featuring a unique Quadrant logo & vibrant Emile back graphic or distressed Warthog graphic - a unique fusion of style & a legendary character.

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