Her royal highness Ria Bish

Her royal highness Ria Bish

Who is my favourite streamer and why?

I’m a Call of Duty player, so my favourite streamers are NickMercs and Jukeyz, who also play COD. I discovered Nickmercs in early 2019 and Jukeyz this side of 2020, both of them are extremely talented and so entertaining! Which is the perfect combination of qualities to have as a streamer. 


When I’m watching streams the people who bring high energy and love to have a laugh are definitely my favourites.

What would you say is your most memorable moment creating content?

Oh gosh, there are so many! 

The one which sticks out for me, as one of my most embarrassing moments, is when I was leaning so far forward on my gaming chair. It suddenly tipped over and collapsed on top of me on stream, while everyone was watching :’D

I recently hit 70K followers on Facebook which is still crazy to me. I’ve been grinding for nearly three years so when you see that your hard work has paid off, it gets you quite emotional - I’m super proud!


Can you think of your favourite Team Quadrant moment so far?

There have been so many moments that have been amazing!

First off, Lando’s birthday video was so much fun to film. Buying presents for someone is always nice, but when there are troll gifts involved it’s even better. Seeing George's face on that blanket was hilarious! 

I also enjoyed the stream where we designed a helmet for Lando to use in Bahrain, my helmet got the most votes and I had never used Photoshop before! Sometimes going down the simple route and not overcomplicating things work, ey?! Big up the basic Microsoft Paint tools.


Can you think of one huge content idea that you want to do with the Quadrant team?

I have TOO MANY IDEAS for when we can meet up and record together when the pandemic is over, I think some sort of cooking video would be so entertaining. I also would love to do vlogs so you get to see a day in our lives and get to know our personalities a little more. 

When and how did you first start gaming, and what is your favourite gaming genre now?


I’ve loved video games for as long as I can remember! My first ever console was the GameCube. I also grew up playing the; PS1, PS2, Nintendo’s, Xbox 360 and PS4, more recently I’ve managed to get a PS5

I’ve been around games my whole life, mostly because my older brother played a lot. I alwaaaays used to end up watching him play GTA San Andreas. I have played many games, but the ones I  was “obsessed” with were Spyro, The Sims 2, Habbo Hotel (if that one even classes as a game - it certainly did to me!) and then finally I found my love for Call Of Duty with Modern Warfare 2

I remember going around my cousins and watching them play MW2 and since then I was hooked (I was fourteen-ish), I must’ve spent around 3 years glued to that game for every single day and I have no regrets! I love COD, playing the game has given me so much - including many lifelong friends! 

What are your interests apart from gaming?

I have a few hobbies, many of which I am learning. I love to Snowboard and Skateboard, most recently I have taken up the Drums, it’s a working progress but I am slowly learning the ropes!

I also just enjoy loving life; going travelling and doing fun activities. When COVID-19 wasn’t around you would catch me at any music event and/ or festival. Or I’d find something fun to do outside of the UK!

What is one thing we will learn about you further down the line?  

I have a massive problem pronouncing words and people’s names! I don’t know how long this has been a thing, or why I’m so bad at it, but you guys will deffo see me struggling in the future! 



  • Mathys

    I’d love to see Ria try and pronounce the names of some quadrant fans!

  • Hunter

    Just wanted I am a massive fan of Team Quadrant and would absolutely love to meet Lando and the rest of the squad.

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