Joining us for the first apparel photoshoot of the year, Max and Aarav sit down for a talk about QUADRANT apparel…

What is your favourite piece from the new colourway collection for Originals V2?

Aarav: Definitely the brown set. It’s a nice pastel vibe. Nice evolution from the Originals V1, which was the foundation, and now we’re moving into nice pastel colours. Seeing the hype from people and their reaction is so great. Lando was wearing it in the athlete shoot too, so yeah the brown set, very me.

Max: For me, my favourite set is the Lavender tracksuit, the opposite to Aarav. I think it’s a really nice colour, which I usually wear. We’ve had a lot of good feedback of people wanting this lavender colour so I think everyone will be excited about this one, it’s a great continuation of Originals. 

What do you love most about being involved in a QUADRANT shoot?

Max: Nandos


Max: No no, it’s good fun, it doesn’t feel like work because it's enjoyable so i’m very grateful for that!

Aarav: Good vibes good vibes, taking photos that we normally wouldn’t take…

Have you just broken a hanger? Watching Max break a hanger, have you actually broken it?

Max: No no 

Aarav: Yeah just funny little moments throughout the shoot, less strenuous than a content shoot so that’s fun.

Do you have a favourite QUADRANT apparel campaign? 

Max: I think that my favourite piece that we have done ever so far is probably the green Off-Road hoodie. I think that when we first did that green colour, so many people said they love it. For me, I still wear that to this day so that’s one of my favourites, but there’s so many great pieces now!

Aarav: I wasn’t in it but I love the one you and Lando did for Originals V1, just watching back through the clips, the whole vibe is sick, documentary style thing and i’m in love with the tech vest from that so I literally wear that everywhere. 

Max: I’d say the Originals, first Originals shoot was cool yeah. The Off-Road shoot was cool too. It was 42 degrees though. 

Aarav: Yeah our trains got cancelled because of the heat, it was literally too hot the train tracks were melting so we couldn’t get there.

You’re going to an F1 race, what are you wearing? 

Max: Maybe next time I go i’ll wear some nice standard grey jeans on with the Lavender hoodie, maybe even the tech vest over it, have lots of options now!

Aarav: Depends on the climate because if it’s a colder grand prix definitely one of the hoodies like the brown with the tech vest from Originals V1 on. If it’s warmer, one of the tees is nice or maybe the hoodies I could get away with. Now we have different colours so you know feeling colourful you could go with the Lavender. 

Max: Yeah we have lots of options!

Aarav: I like the fact we are releasing the drops at the right climate time of the year. For instance the sherpa in the winter drop which i’ve literally lived in since it was released.

Max: Winter drop is sick as well as the beanie, I wear that all the time.

Aarav: if we go back to Vegas, where it was freezing, we can bring back the sherpa this year!


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