Joining us on the ORIGINALS V2 shoot was Sasha Appleton, content creator based in London. We sat down with her in between shots at the photoshoot to discuss all things QUADRANT and fashion…

What is your favourite piece from the new colourway collection for originals V2?  

SA: Mushroom, I like a neutral, it goes with everything. But to be honest, I love all of it, also the white heather tee, because it’s very versatile but I think the mushroom is probably going to be my go to. Its very wearable. I love it!

What draws you to QUADRANT apparel?

SA: Comfort, style, it’s very fashionable, all the drops are clothes that I would go into a shop and pick out myself. For example, the sherpa, i’m obsessed, but even just the hoodies, it’s all really comfy, good quality. It’s a brand that really aligns with the stuff i’m interested in and really passionate about, so it makes sense for me to wear it. 

How do you stay up to date with the latest fashion trends?

SA: Obviously I take a lot of inspiration from social media, i’m a 23 year old gal ya know! A lot of inspiration from people that I follow online, I take inspiration from what they wear day to day and then pull that into my own wardrobe. I also love a lot of basics that you can then elevate with something a bit 'wow' you know? 

What would you love to see in QUADRANT Apparel?

SA: Do you know what’s actually insane, the next drop…

I don’t know if I can say this but when I tell you…that whole vibe that you’ve designed - is me to a Tee. It's me if i was a collection, so I cannot wait - i’m obsessed with it.

How would you describe your personal style?

SA: I like a basic. I used to be really preppy, but i’m now "on the go" a bit more, it’s a little bit more casual and more comfortable in the same sense that I might wear a quarter zip, which is still me but it’s also casual, chill. So I think, trendy, comfortable and minimalistic. 

What do you love most about being involved in QUADRANT Apparel?

SA: First of all, everyone is so nice and lovely, so friendly. The shoot is so welcoming and so chill. It feels as though there is a lot of motivation and aim to get great content but there’s no pressure being put on anyone, it’s just very laid back and down to earth, which I think is how all shoots need to be. The Quadrant team is just so lovely and I am in love with them! I love Quadrant and this is my dream!

Who is your biggest style inspiration?

SA: Adam Sandler, no I jest! But he is so comfortable, he is a comfortable man, comfortable king. I'm not going to say a person specfically but a brand. Thom Browne is so sick. I know it’s super masculine menswear but I think it’s so cool. I love it. It’s done up but like casual, I am so into that. 

What has been your favourite QUADRANT drop so far?

SA: The Exploration Division winter collection for sure. The one with the Sherpa. The winter drop was absolutely elite, i’m obsessed with it. I wear my sherpa and beanie all the time. This drop is also huge, i’m loving the colourways. The sherpa is probably my favourite previous drop and let me tell you, my new favourite is going to be the next drop! I will sob because it is literally me. 

Join in the love for the new Originals range here! 

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