We caught up with Ivań Ortolá to hear his thoughts ahead of the Moto3 this weekend at MotoGP Spain

How are you feeling before the race? 

This is the first race we have done in Spain this season so I feel really good because it’s always nice to race here in my home country. It's not the home GP for me, but it is the first race in Spain this season so I look at all the people and the ambience in the grandstand - the Spanish people are amazing, they love motorcycles. It’s always special, and for me, I won last year here so it’s really important for me. 

What is the atmosphere like when racing on home turf? 

There are two corners where there are a lot of people and you can always hear them and you can see them too. The truth is that with the sound of the bike it’s not possible to listen during the race but you can feel all the people cheering. The crowd definitely motivates me to do better for sure. 

Do you have any specific pre race preparations which are unique to your home race? 

No, I don't have any kind of pre race preparations. I usually just try to focus and listen to a bit of music and do some warming up! And when I sit in my chair before the beginning of the race, I focus on what I've got to do. 


Where do you get the energy to travel during the season?

It’s all about motivation. Because, when you arrive at each place thinking about the race, i’m really motivated to go and start the weekend, any weekend can be a really good result.

Do you feel as though there is added pressure when racing on home turf? If so, how do you deal with that as a professional athlete? 

Yes, for sure. I put my own pressure because all the people that come to the track, family, friends and sponsors, are watching, so I just want to do the best I can. I think I am a rider that is good at handling the pressure so it’s not an important thing that I can't manage. I just focus and believe in myself and that’s all I can do. 


If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?


Difficult question! I have never thought about it. There are a lot of places, but I love Valencia but also the UK and the United States. Los Angeles is definitely somewhere I could see myself living. 



Would you rather: Win your home race and beat the lap record OR Win the championship but never be able to race in Spain again? 

I think I would rather win a championship but never be able to race in Spain again. 

Being at a home race with hundreds of Spanish fans, how does the support motivate you to do well?

It really motivates a lot because you feel the energy of the people and you know that they are from the same language so you can understand them. The people that take photos talk to you in Spanish and it makes me really happy to have fans from where I’m from.

Is it nice to see familiar faces in the paddock?

Yes definitely, the paddock is like a family because every race, you work with the same people and day by day you also meet a lot more, so you’re able to make lots of friends within the sport. 

What is your favourite piece from club athletic?

My favourite and love at first sight was the grey quarter zip and the rugby top. I also really love the black hoodie and black sport shorts! 

What do you think about after a good qualifying? 

After qualifying, when you’re in a good position, like first or second row in the grid, you always think about how it’s going to go, like thinking ahead to the race the next day, how the first lap is going to be, I'm always thinking about what can happen. 

What message do you have for the QUADRANT community before your home race?

Thank you to all the QUADRANT community, I feel really lucky for the support, so thank you for being there and helping me to have fun and have extra motivation for every race I go to. 

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