Lando Guest Stars on the Largest Gaming Podcast in the World!

Lando Guest Stars on the Largest Gaming Podcast in the World!

Lando recently appeared on The 100 Thieves Podcast, ‘The Courage and Nadeshot Show’ where he talks about Quadrant and his F1 career so far. 

Based in LA, “100 Thieves” is a lifestyle brand and gaming organisation founded by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, the 2014 Esport Athlete of the year. 100 Thieves boasts competitive teams specialising in Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends and Valorant. The company has become such a hit that it’s even attracted investors such as rap sensation Drake. 

Presented by Cash App, the CouRage and Nadeshot show is where the 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot and Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop talk to some of the top names in entertainment, such as Lando where they talk about pop culture, gaming and whatever comes into their minds such as; has Lando ever peed himself while racing?

This podcast was a huge deal for Lando as he has been a huge fan who has dreamed of joining the podcast since his streaming career kicked off! Nadeshot also expressed his appreciation in having Lando on the show as the perfect way to cap off 2020 for the 100 Thieves Podcast.

Nadeshot and Lando turned into loveable nerds as they talked about their shared love for golf. Lando explained that he originally got into the game as he played TopGolf (a driving range where microchipped balls score points depending on which targets you hit). Lando found his passion for golf when he joined teammate Carlos Sainz on the green. According to Lando, Sainz is a great person to teach golf as he’s exceptionally talented and gives great tips.

Lando now itches to play the game and boasts how he was on the green within an hour of landing on home soil. Nade’ went on to discuss how he was addicted to the sport because of the process that goes into getting that perfect swing, and that should Lando ever find himself in LA to join Nadeshot and CouRage for a game as there is “nothing better than getting on the course with ya bois and hitting sum’ balls”. Lando teased CouRage as someone saying he’s all talk and no show, who replied that he’s a go-getter and ready to pop-off. Be warned, Lando! 

A golf sesh between the boys may already be marked in the calendar, as Nadeshot and the 100 Thieves team are looking for new and exciting ways to collaborate. And so Nadeshot proposed the idea of a pay per view event where Nadeshot and Lando 2v2 on the course and “GO BONKERS”. Hopefully, Lando will have had enough lessons and practise before then! And it seems that CouRage is already offering Lando foot massages as his devoted Caddy.

Lando, Nadeshot and CouRage also discussed Drive to Survive, the Formula 1 series on Netflix a documentary style behind the scenes showing the drivers, managers and team live life in the fast lane on and off the track. Lando discussed how real the series was and showed how raw and high emotions can run in the pits, how it’s so easy to rage at everything, how glorious the sport is even though life can be quite tricky. Lando is super excited to see Episode 1 of Season 3, as he’s hoping the series will show his first-ever podium win in Austria. 

Nadeshot, gearing up to the most crucial question of the episode, explained how he was a nervous pee-er due to the anxiety and stress in Esports competition. And that it didn’t matter how much he trained or how little liquid he had consumed. He ALWAYS had to pee. So, of course, he asked Lando if he had ever been in a situation in the car, where he just had to let it fly and pee himself. Lando disappointed us all (or lied) that he has never peed himself, but he does know of many people who have. He also said that he thinks many drivers do soil themselves, especially those who do endurance races of 23+ hours.

Nadeshot and CouRage think Landos time will come, as he has many races ahead of him, so it's only inevitable. Hopefully, the mess will dry before the pits so that his mechanics don’t have to suffer!

If you haven’t already listened to the Podcast, then you NEED to go over to The Courage & Nadeshot Show playlist on Youtube and watch it! The boys cover a whole range of topics such as Landos Dms, Team Quadrant and how Lando’s F1 season went. And by the sounds of it, Nadeshot and CouRage are excited to get Lando over to LA (Covid permitting) for a game of golf, a tour and a second podcast which will be in the famous 100 Thieves studio.

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