Lando’s Helmet Hall of Fame

Lando’s Helmet Hall of Fame

Anyone who follows Lando’s career in F1 knows that his taste in helmets is impeccable, and 2020 has seen some awesome designs! We believe that your helmet game should be as strong as your shoe game, and as connoisseurs of a good helmet design we like to call ourselves helmet heads, not as catchy as sneakerhead but you catch our drift. 

Anyways Quadrant™ would be missing out if we didn’t create our own design, so before we reveal the helmet design for Quadrant™ we thought it’d be great to honour his previous designs as a homage. 

British Grand Prix Fan Design


Starting off with a massive throwback to July, when Lando unveiled a very special helmet on Twitch, which he sported for the British Grand Prix. This adorable helmet was designed by a six-year-old fan whose crayon design won out of “probably thousands” of submissions. This is definitely a favourite of ours and Lando’s due to its originality - maybe in the future, we’ll do Quadrant competition for fans to design a Helmet….

Italian Grand Prix



Now, this design makes our stomachs rumble, for the Italian Grand Prix in September Lando showcased his Italian themed helmet. This design boasted a strip going down the middle with two different pizza toppings, one Margherita and the other was Pepperoni. Lando announced this delicious looking design on social media with the caption “Anyone got some salad cream” and while his taste in dip may be odd his taste in helmet designs certainly aren’t.

Eifel Grand Prix - World Mental Health day



You shouldn’t just care about your physical health but also your mental health, and to show his support for World Mental Health day Lando got his helmet personally designed. Lando and Carlos Sainz wore multicolour helmets to raise awareness and helped to raise a whopping £70,000 for McLaren’s charity partner Mind. Lando wore his design for the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nurburgring last October. At the end of this month, you could win Lando’s Mind helmet design by entering a competition which hopes to raise even more money for the mental health charity. 

Turkish Grand Prix



Now we may be a little biased but Lando’s most recent helmet design is a personal favourite of ours, while he wasn’t able to wear it during the Turkish Grand Prix due to an issue with customs so the design is still fresh. The stunning red helmet is embellished with the Quadrant™ #D2FF00 Yellow and featured our name on the back. 

If you now class yourself as a #helmethead you’re part of the Squad! Before you go though, be sure to keep an eye on Twitch this weekend for an announcement as we reveal something epic, your only clue...#D2FF00. Specific we know 😉 

Get on socials and get guessing...

While we won’t be revealing the sick design for the Quadrant™ helmet on the blog we will be unveiling it later this week on our socials, so make sure you’re following us to be sure you’re one of the first to see it!


  • nicci


  • Suri Diaz

    I’m excited to see Team Quadrant’s helmet design!

  • Nora Murphy

    lol you should drop a pure neon helmet with no design

  • Mark

    Would be nice to have the Italian as 1:2 helmet.

  • emily

    plot twist: its landos face but in colour #d2ff00

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