If you could change one thing (or do something you didn't have time for) about your trip to AUS what would it be?

MF: Well, something I didn’t have time for was to go see some kangaroos and other wildlife that you don’t see in Europe and things like that. I would like to have done that - there is so much crazy wildlife in Australia. 

Did you see/feel a lot of love for QUADRANT while out in AUS? 

MF: The support we have out in Australia really blew me away, especially the first time I went down the Melbourne walk. I went around this corner and everyone just started cheering like crazy which was really humbling and blew me away and it made us realise that at QUADRANT, we’re clearly doing something right and it’s so amazing to have so much support and to be able to positively impact so many people, to see that, was awesome. 


Who is the better padel player? 

MF: Ummm, I think playing padel is very day dependent. I'd say Lando probably at the minute maybe has a little edge on consistency, but we are close, we are definitely close and I'm working on it, I just need to get better when the ball comes off the glass. 


We saw you wearing the new QUADRANT apparel range over the weekend, do you have a favourite piece?

MF: My favourite piece from Club Athletic is probably the grey quarter zip, it’s pretty plain but you can wear it chilled, you can look smart in it, you can wear it at golf and things like that so it’s got so many uses to it, so yeah, i’d probably say that. Although the green hoodie isn’t something I'd normally wear, it actually ended up looking really cool so that’s also great.

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