Meet Quadrant`s Very Own “Roadman” AKA Niran Yesufu

Meet Quadrant`s Very Own “Roadman” AKA Niran Yesufu

Meet Niran, 1/5 of the Quadrant team. Niran is known for many things, such as whacky FIFA videos. So, prepare for lots of Liverpool content because the “big man” is a Kopite! Anyways we wanted to take a look behind the roadman slang and got to see what makes ‘No Trim Yesufu’ tick.

Who is your favourite streamer, and why? 

Contractually speaking Lando is my favourite streamer, but he’s not here right now so really my favourite streamer is Pieface (Jack ‘Pie’ McDermott) - I’m a huge fan. Pieface is a fellow FIFA man who is extremely entertaining and funny! I discovered him at a FIFA event in 2018, he got pretty drunk and was entertaining all of the other creators on a bus ride home from the event. So naturally, I gave him a follow and loved his content!

What is the most memorable moment of your streaming career so far?

For me, the most memorable moment so far was when I hit 100K, it was such an emotional moment as I had been creating videos for five years by then. I was about to take my dad to an Arsenal game for his birthday along with his brother, and the whole moment was incredibly wholesome!

Do you have a favourite Quadrant moment?

My favourite moment has to be witnessing Lando in a beekeeping outfit, but also the massive amount of support from the viewers is mad - it’s exhilarating.

Do you have any potential Quadrant content ideas?

I’d LOVE to get some videos done in the real world, but that will have to be later in the year due to Covid-19. I think that a collaboration with Danny Riccardo would be dope. 👀

How did you get into gaming, and what would you rate your gaming prowess out of 10?

I first started gaming when I was about six; my parents had gotten me a PS1 with a few games - I was hooked from the start. I play a decent amount of PC stuff now, and I recently got an ”Xbox Series Fridge” so I need to give that a go. To be honest, I’m more of a casual gamer now; as I’m fortunate with how far my channel has come, so I get to create more fun and wacky content. But I can still beat all of my mates at a round of FIFA so don’t you worry - I’d rate myself a solid 7.

Do you have a favourite game?

It sounds so strange and nerdy, but for some reason, I ended up with an old British touring car game from like 1997 (I know I’m that old) and I spent a lot of my childhood playing that. I also loved classics such as Spyro, F1 Arcade and the OG Super Mario as well! Nowadays I’m a big fan of sports/ and racing games, but I think that I will have to get into a few more shooters after the COD vid with Vikkstar.

When you're not gaming, what do you love doing?

My main interests outside of gaming are mostly music related, I play the guitar,  bass, and now I’m learning the piano. I’m a massive music nerd, I won’t lie - either that or I’m just very passionate, take your pick. One day I’d love to make some of my own music. 

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  • Ziva

    Ay yo my slime! honestly bro, u are hilarious. Was truly under a bad day and bad condition but sometimes hopping to quadrant and re-looping them yt videos is just amazing. Congrats on 100k fam! loving to see the next !! also, cant wait for the dani ric collab ;))

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