Mona-f*cking Podium

Mona-f*cking Podium

The lucky Q strikes again…

WOW, this weekend was absolutely filthy, with our wonder boy starting fifth only to snatch that podium finish from Pérez

We all know that Monaco is a brutal track, but Lando managed to win his 2nd podium finish of the season and the 3rd of his career. 

Not only that, but Lando has single-handedly pushed Mclaren to third in the Constructors standings

But the success doesn’t stop there; Lando has also managed to climb to third in the driver’s standings meaning that Quadrant's golden boy is walking with the F1 giants; Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

Lando was ecstatic with his podium win on the track, telling McLaren that the race was “Awesome! Monaco podium! It's pretty incredible, I never thought it could happen to come into this weekend at all, so I’m super, super happy. I’m proud of the team for what we’ve achieved this weekend.”

We’re incredibly proud of Lando and the team; the Q is showing off its powers right now - or maybe it was because Spidey decided to visit the McLaren pits last weekend.


  • Ollie Taylor

    lando 4 the win!!! he will win the drivers championship for 2022!!

  • Abbey

    Congrats!!!! Amazing race and the Carlando Podium was an awesome finish to the weekend!! Good Luck in Baku <3

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