New Quadrant Member Who Dis?

New Quadrant Member Who Dis?

The future of Quadrant is looking Feefa.

It’s been too long keeping this secret from you guys, but finally, we are super proud to announce that Quadrant is opening up to new talent!  

We have signed our first Warzone streamer, Ethan ‘FifaKill’ Pink (aka. DooM Fifakill or Feefa) one of the best players in the UK, NAY THE WORLD - but if you think that you can 1v1 him we’d be happy to arrange the match. 

Warning, you will get rekt!

Fifakill has had an amazing career over the last few years, getting the opportunity to play in multiple global competitions such as; Nadeshot $100k Invitational, Twitch Rivals Warzone Season 3 Showdown EMEA, Atlanta FaZe 50k Global Cash Grab and Los Angeles Guerrillas Gulag 25k (and many more). 

Making more than $50,000 in winnings alone from Warzone tournaments over the last couple of years. Given how early it is in his career, we can only expect that he’ll keep smashing the Warzone podium finishes in the future!

Only he’ll be winning in Quadrant colours. 

Lando and the gang are pumped to welcome FifaKill to the team and we hope that you guys are too. If you want to see FifaKills skills in the flesh then head over to his Twitch to watch him live.

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