Our first Quadrant Reddit Recap

Our first Quadrant Reddit Recap
We asked, and boy did you deliver! Over 3k of you have joined our Reddit page so far, and we have LOVED the content you have all been submitting. 
Here is a quick overview of our top five picks this week:
1. Corners are far from easy to pronounce as our birthday boy proved when he tried to talk technical...and failed 🧐.
2. Take the whole team, but make them more awesome, it’s impossible, right? Well, one of our amazing fans managed it with this EPIC artwork. 🔥 
3. What month is the Earth closest to the Sun I hear you ask? Well if we ask Aarav, it’s Venus...
4. This one was drawn on an iPad?! 🤯 Repping some dope merch and looking as cool af, can we get the whole team drawn? 🥺
5. We saved the absolute best for last, the guys art...in a gallery. Need we say more? If you haven’t seen the YouTube video, go watch it!
This is only SOME of the amazing content you guys posted this week, want to see more? Go follow our Reddit page and whilst you’re at it make sure you are following all of our socials to see more epic content on the daily! 
Go get voting and who knows, maybe your content will be featured in next week's list!

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  • Abi Jackson

    Wow thank you so much for including my Team artwork in the first Reddit Recap!! It was my first ever Reddit post, made an account just for Quadrant! So happy you enjoyed it! Really does mean a lot to a young artist! :) :) :)

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