Quadrant and vONE ORIGINS

Quadrant and vONE ORIGINS

Lando's inspiration and creative process behind the Quadrant name and vONE apparel line.


In celebration of Quadrants first apparel drop, we wanted to share how Lando's idea for a gaming brand became a reality. 

During the initial Covid lockdown, Lando used his time to dive deeper into gaming and streaming. So the initial idea of Quadrant was born.

Lando wanted to create a brand that represented four core pillars; Gaming, Racing, Content and Apparel. Building a community of aspiring gamers and racers alike who wanted to take the driver's seat, following Lando on and off the track. The four pillars also created a nice parallel with the four teammates; Aarav, Niran, Steve and Ria, whom Lando wanted to recruit to his squad.

And the name could be any more fitting, seeing how it translates to his number four; Quadrant, four core pillars and four teammates. 


vONE is where Lando came into his own. From the start, Lando wanted to create a line of clothing that was clean and fresh. But the most vital point was that the gear needed to be designed with you guys in mind.

It was key that the designs in vONE incorporated Quadrants signature colours, black and fluro. It felt wrong to go with any other colour-way. Lando initially designed the vONE hoodies and tees through a WhatsApp group chat. They slapped so hard that they stayed in the final blueprints.

Lando also wanted to incorporate a bit more of his personality to the first drop, where the drippy bucket hat comes in. Inspired by Lando's MotoGP Valentino Rossi bucket hat, which debuted at the 2020 Italian Grand Prix, the vONE bucket hat is available to buy in the vONE drop. 

While we are biased, Quadrants first drop of the year is truly epic, and we feel the story behind it is even more so. We hope this blog has got you excited about the vONE drop and if you haven't already, buy the products here before they are sold out! 

Everything is limited so get going!


  • Mariana


  • DimT

    Oh man so sad they are all sold out! I need to get a bundle on the next drop cause everything look fire!!!

  • jaz

    amazing job guysss!!!!! ❤️👏🏻

  • Cain Statham

    When is everything gonna be back in stock?

  • Ej

    Looks insane😀

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