Quadrant Discord Server Coming to a PC Near You!

Quadrant Discord Server Coming to a PC Near You!

We have exciting news for all of our Quadrant followers as we are preparing to launch a dedicated Discord server that all of you will be able to join!

At Quadrant we want to make sure that we include you guys in everything we do so that you can feel as close to the action as possible. This new server will also mean that everyone who joins will gain exclusive access to exciting news and updates, before everyone else. 

The Discord server will also be an excellent opportunity for any of you to appear in any Quadrant Content on social media - even more reason to join our server!

So if you haven’t got a Discord account yet, create one now! So you can join in on the action as soon as we launch, we promise you that it will be worth it! 

Keep an eye out on our social media to find out when the server is launched!


  • Zara Neely

    this looks so exciting! i’ve never used discord before, but now i might !

  • Chantal

    This is such an amazing way to get more interactive!

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