Over the weekend, more than a thousand QUADRANT and Halo fans gathered together at the Twickenham Stadium, London where we watched our team compete in the Halo Championship Series. 

A huge thank you to our sponsor, Papershoot for helping us capture the weekend in such a unique way!



The 2024 London Major began on the Friday where people were able to get a feel for the venue, take part in pool play and meet other attendees. 

Saturday is where things really kicked off. Despite it being so close between the two teams, QUADRANT narrowly missed out on the chance of the series win - but our fans pulled us through. From drums to trumpets to chants, the QUADRANT community was unmatched!

Despite the early upset, our QUADRANT boys were still raring to go securing our first 3-1 win against Bittersweet and later eliminating Native for the top 8 position. Having an amazing run, QUADRANT advanced to fight for the top 4. While the team fought for all they could in such a close battle, unfortunately they couldn’t quite beat Spacestation and finished 5th, closing out the Major with Faze eventually taking home the trophy on Sunday beating Optic..

Aside from the QUADRANT Halo team, we were lucky to be joined by our creators where they took part in the big Showmatch between our creators, Max, Aarav and WillNE. They played against three lucky VIPs.


This was such an unforgettable weekend and we can’t thank the fans who travelled from all around the world for creating this energy for the EU! 



We caught up with a few fans while we were there to hear their experiences of the weekend!


What are you most looking forward to over this weekend?

Group 1: The big games and the venue, being in the whole atmosphere. It’s also being in London because now everyone in America has to travel to Europe so it’s great for us! We have been travelling to America. We went last year to Salt Lake and we experienced it there, and now to have it here in Europe, we were just so excited. It’s so good to see the hype and experience it all where we can meet other fans as well.   



What team are you cheering on this weekend? 

Group 1:  QUADRANT!!

Group 2: We’re cheering on Faze.

Group 3: Space Station Gaming!



Are you happy FaZe won?

Group 2: Yeah, obviously I said it from the start. For me, the underdogs were Sentennal. They did give us t-shirts which we really liked because they’re trying to get people on their side, no one else did that so. They were our underdog and then when they got knocked out, obviously it was FaZe. 



Do you have a favourite player in the tournament? If so, who?

Group 2: I’d say Frosty from Faze with the snipes, he hits every time. Using the shot rifle, he’s hitting his headshots. His timing on his shots and his predictions are crazy, Yeah, different level, different level player.


What has been your favourite thing that has happened this weekend? 

Group 1: The game against Spacestation vs QUADRANT was so great. Having __ there as well, because for me, he will forever be part of QUADRANT. The atmosphere was crazy with people shouting and chanting. Everyone was behind QUADRANT. Different European shouting in different languages. Also when Sica was doing well it was so cool to see the community behind him. 


Group 2: I think seeing cosplay for the first time because I haven’t ever been anywhere like this before. Seeing everyone come together, it’s a good community like you don’t really see many people support Halo nowadays so to see everybody all in one place and even coming from other countries it’s just great. It feels like America gets all of this usually. Every event other than this is in America. We’re not known for it so it’s nice for us to get something and to see people turn up. There was a full house in there, you know. Again, this is the first one I have been to so if there are any more, I'm there. 



Are you guys from London?

Group 2: I’m from Nottingham. A lot of people come from far, even from the UK, people do travel for it! I think as well, it’s about community because people make friends here and especially since COVID, and anxiety, these people have a reason to get out the house and to come to a place where you don’t know people. Especially for guys, the majority of people here are guys and I think it’s important for them to have a reason to come out of the house.


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