Quadrant Make Their Debut in Veloce’s Squadsprint Season Three.

Quadrant Make Their Debut in Veloce’s Squadsprint Season Three.

Hopefully, Ria can rely on her inner Jarno Opmeer…

As Veloce announces their third instalment of the successful Squadsprint series launching the 11/02/2021, Quadrant will be taking part for the first time!

Squadsprint is a Veloce Esports original where Veloce talent and affiliate teams compete against each other (during the off-season) in a series of lighthearted sprint races across the whole 2018 Formula 1 calendar. And the winner(s) is crowned the reigning champion of all Veloce talent. And for two years now, Hungarian F1 e-racer, Dani Bereznay has claimed this title….but can Quadrant stop him from winning a third???

Season three will have a much stronger focus on the team’s championship, meaning that each participant will be representing their Veloce affiliated team on the track. So Quadrant will be going up against Veloce Esports, Sauber Esports, Mercedes Esports, McLaren Shadow, Yas Heat, and even an All-Stars team! This focus means that the grid will be set by the reverse team's championship instead of the drivers, meaning the drivers will always start next to their teammates - So TEAM QUADRANT, ASSEMBLE!

Due to a change in racing simulator, all participants will get to try out the Race Sim Studio’s Formula Hybrid X 2021, and while the calendar will be cut down to eight races, the season will include F1 event classics such as; Silverstone, Spa, and even a shortened version of Bahrain!


In the past Aarav has been know to cause a few too many crashes, so we can definitely rely on Quadrant for some laughs and carnage! 

Make sure you tune in to the first round of Veloce’s Squadsprint season three, powered by Mobiuz on Thursday 11/02/2021, which can be found on the official Veloce YouTube channel


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