Over the weekend, the QUADRANT athletes were busy spraying champagne on podiums and skating around paddocks.

While some of the QUADRANT crew were in Australia creating new content in the sun and spraying champagne on the podium, Lotte and Iván were also busy placing themselves in podium places in their respected races. 

Lotte began her 2024 WMX title charge over the weekend where she managed to take part in a close battle for the win, she stood on the second place step and celebrated her first podium of the year. 

Iván took part in the Moto3 race in Portimao at the Portuguese GP. Ortolá started ninth but worked his way up to a podium place in third after finishing the race over a second ahead of his competitors.  

With many motorsport categories beginning their 2024 campaign recently, Lando also scored his first podium of the year in Australia. Standing on the third step after chasing down his competitors throughout the race, adding another podium to his previous 13.

Photo by Andrew Ferraro

With Max and Keegan scouting out the paddock this past weekend, where some hailed them as 'lucky charms', the duo met a multitude of adoring QUADRANT fans down under, which left them ecstatic and inspired by the support the entire weekend. 

The past week has been busy for the QUADRANT team, travelling to Australia alongside Lando, Max and Keegan to capture some exciting content and upcoming projects which we CANNOT wait to share. 

Keegan attended his first F1 race, in which he used his favourite mode of transport to get around the paddock... a skateboard. While Max had to walk, he did borrow Keegan's board to skate past fans in the paddock much to their surprise, and Keegan's.  

This weekend was also a big one for QUADRANT apparel, with fans spotting and sharing the Club Athletic range on social media. Sported by Keegan, Max and Lando in the paddock. 

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Congratulations to the quadrant athletes what a great weekend it was 🧡🔥


Congratulations to the athletes of club quadrant, so exciting to follow a team like this one ! Can’t wait to buy some club athletes merch in April to support yall.
Thank you for the content you brought us this week and this super article, wishing you the best for the future !! We’re very proud of this team🔥👏


attended my first GP in melbourne this weekend from nz! best weekend of my life and so cool to see everyone in the flesh and lando on the podium! ps LOVE the new merch cant wait for it to drop!


Loved all the content this week, plus the bonus content from the best WAG of all time! Super excited for the new merch!!!!!
Congrats to all the Quadrant athletes!!


Australia suits you guys! And such a great weekend for all Quad athletes 👏


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