Quadrant Reddit Top Picks - Week 02

Quadrant Reddit Top Picks - Week 02

The Birthday boy Lando turned 21 this week and you guys were kind enough to deliver hundreds of gifts virtually via our Reddit Page

He saw, he smiled and now we pick our top 5 of the week:


1. A little love from some great fans, this personal video showcased the international love there is for the legend that is Lando 🌎


2. This artist can sleep easy as they somehow managed to make Lando even cuter as he donned some Pudsey Ears in honour of Mclaren's link with Children in Need 🥺



3. Captain Price or Lando Norris? I guess we’ll never know 🤔 




4. Watch your back Barry, does Lando’s newest birthday gift mean a shift in careers? Done are the days of catching Riccardo, now it's bees - watch the full video to see what other interesting gifts he got! 🎁



5. To round off our week 2 highlights is this amazing sketch of our favourite female member of Quadrant, Ria! If this was done quick we would LOVE to see what they could create with more time. 🎨⏳



Did your favourite make the cut? Don’t worry we’ll be back next week with even more Norris Nuggets from Reddit to fuel your weekly dose of Lando Love, so go get voting!!

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  • Angel

    Hi Quadrant, Thanks for including my artwork of Ria. I think she is the best girl in Quadrant. She is hot.

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