Quadrant reveals Elgato as official streaming equipment partner

Quadrant reveals Elgato as official streaming equipment partner

Quadrant has revealed a long-term partnership with world-leading audio-visual technology provider Elgato. As a popular gaming content channel and streaming hardware organisation, both companies occupy prominent positions in the video sharing arena and a collaboration between the two is a natural fit, signalling Quadrant’s first official partnership.

The Munich-based streaming solutions brand offers a broad range of innovative audio-visual products including microphones, webcams and lighting as well as interface decks and capture devices that are used by content creators across all video sharing platforms.

As Quadrant’s Official Streaming Equipment Partner, Elgato will unlock the combined audience of the channel’s prestigious talent team – Lando Norris, FNG, Aarava, SuperGT, RiaBish, Fifakill and Max Fewtrell – collectively amassing over three million YouTube subscribers, enabling them to reach an all-new viewership for the first time.

Norris’ premium lifestyle and gaming brand, meanwhile, has witnessed its fanbase grow exponentially since its conception in November 2020 (100% in just six months), producing entertaining and engaging content for its channels during the last 10 months.

The partnership promises to to be mutually beneficial with Quadrant members receiving an updated streaming set-up, including green screens, capture cards, microphones, lighting products, mounting solutions, stream controllers and Elgato’s new-for-2021 face cams.

Together, the two organisations are set to harness a long-term partnership to deliver top quality content to global audiences on premium streaming hardware.

Tom Hildreth, Senior Partnerships Manager, Elgato commented:

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Quadrant. After following them closely since their formation at the end of 2020, they have shown they aren’t afraid to try new things and create unique, high-quality content. With a growing roster of talented creators, an engaged community and a strong brand, Quadrant is a team we are thrilled to be supporting and working with.”

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