Quadrants Summer Round-up Of The F1 Season So Far

Lando Norris McLaren

This year the F1 2021 season has certainly been a rollercoaster for everybody.

We’re almost halfway through the F1 2021 season, and things are starting to heat up. With Redbull driver Max Verstappen and Mercedes Lewis Hamilton fighting for first place with currently 7 points between them.

Quadrant founder Lando Norris is holding onto P3 and has done brilliantly so far - it appears that the lucky Q upon his helmet is working its magic. 

Landos F1 season so far

Starting at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Lando had set the tone for his performance during the season, managing to grab 4th position beating his previous P6 finish in Bahrain the year before.

However, Bahrain wasn’t just a big moment for Lando but also for Quadrant - a new helmet design was revealed. Two weeks before the opening race, 12,000 of us joined Lando and the squad on Twitch to design said helmet - and we have to say the end design slapped.

Then as the magical powers of the Q started to kick in, Lando only went and one-upped himself at the Emilia Romagna GP (with P2 just beyond his grasp). And F1 legend Lewis Hamilton caught up with Lando after the intense race in Italy to congratulate him!

MONA-F*CKING PODIUM! Lando stuck again, this time at the Monaco GP. Starting in fifth, our boy finessed the brutal track and snatched a second podium finish from Pérez. Lando also single-handedly pushed Mclaren to third in the Constructors standings; it seems that Norris was walking with the F1 giants’ Hamilton and Verstappen!

After coming fifth position in Azerbaijan, France and Styria, Lando came back harder than ever in the Austrian GP claiming P3 once again! And in true podium spirit, Lando poured champagne onto his head - not quite how you do a shoey but okay.

Lando and Quadrant take Silverstone! Lando was finally on home turf, so Team Quadrant thought they should show their support and check out the Silverstone track. With a tonne of Quadrant flags in tow, we managed to flood the grandstand with fluro - so that Lando could see us cheer him on. And it must’ve worked because he finished in P4 - making us proud!

Quadrants golden boy came into the Hungarian Grand Prix on a McLaren record run of 15 straight points finishes! However, chaos ensued as Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas hit him from behind at launch, causing Lando to career into the back of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull.

Norris managed to make it to the pits, but after further inspection of the damage, McLaren had to retire from the race - leaving a disappointed Lando to score 0 points.

Lando tweeted later that day, “well, that was a great race”, and Quadrant fans rallied in support, urging him to “keep pushing”.

All we can say is that we are gutted for you, Lando, but we’re sending you good vibes as you continue to chill out - super jel of the yacht tho...

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