SuperGT Takes The Wheel

SuperGT Takes The Wheel

Beating Lando was just a warm-up.

Steve is switching it up from racing cars on the internet to racing karts on the track. 

This comes as no surprise as we all know that SuperGT is an avid racer; Steve drives an X30 and has raced against fellow eSports sim-racer and karter Jimmy Broadbent.

This year Super GT is entering the Ultimate Karting Championship 2021 in the Senior x30 class and will be driving against some of the best upcoming drivers in the UK - so no pressure.

After smashing Lando back in March at Whilton Mill Kart circuit and now competing in the UKC (which offers exclusive opportunities in driver career development) - could this be the origin story to Steve's Alvarez Browns F1 career?

Not going to lie, but Alvarez - Brown would look pretty cool on an F1 leaderboard. 

The powers of the lucky Q will be with SuperGT, as Quadrant will power Steve during the whole championship - we cannot wait to see what the season holds. 

Stay in tune to hear more on Super GTs upcoming karting antics in the UKC.

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  • Chuck

    Stoked to see SuperGT’s racing career take off and can’t wait to see where it goes!

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