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founded by
lando norris.

Quadrant™ is an entertainment, athlete, and apparel brand founded by Formula 1’s Lando Norris. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to craft more entertaining and uplifting moments than anyone else.

Quadrant™ stands as the new generation entertainment brand, dedicated to putting smiles on faces around the globe. We achieve our mission through content creation, collaboration with influential creators, partnerships with exceptional athletes and curated apparel offerings.

We redefine entertainment by creating memorable experiences that resonate with our community.

Quadrant™ - Play the moment.

"QUADRANT is my passion project outside of Formula 1..."

"...It's so exciting to see the team grow and create awesome moments for our global community year after year."


WillNE, one of the UK’s most viewed YouTube creators, with a proven track record in creating engaging and entertaining content, WillNE's involvement as Co-Owner will drive QUADRANT toward new heights.